vendor guidelines


All vendors are required to fill a registration form on the website and send a copy of the following documents for approval and verification.

  1. A valid ID card
  2. A copy of CAC business certificate


All product is to be packaged by the vendor for delivery. The vendor is responsible for creating products on Vendor Center as well as uploading pictures and content that meet our guidelines. Corporate World Wear will review and check each product quality and product packaging from time to time to ensure they are compliant with our quality assurance and packaging guidelines. 


To edit images, use an image resizing tool

  1. You can upload up to 3 images for simple products in JPEG, PNG formats. Variable products maximum upload is 5 images.
  2. Maximum file size is 100 kb.
  3. First Image will be the main image of your product.
  4. First Image should be the front view of the product
  5. Watermarked images are not allowed
  6. Background of the product should always be white
  7. Image size should always be 300×300 pixels. If your image is between 400×400 and 640×640 pixels you can re-size, rotate and crop your images. You must ensure that however you crop the images, it must retain its image quality
  8. Each product image should not be more than 100kb
  9. Non clear images, non-quality or water marked images would not be accepted on the platform
  10. The product name shouldn’t be more than 5 words


Vendors will receive weekly payments for items sold every Thursdays. Every Vendor on will receive payments on payout day. Vendors would get paid for items already sold and delivered within that week.

Any goods that has been ordered from the website and has not been shipped to the customers, the vendor would not be paid for sales of that item for that week. The payment would be added to the next week’s payment.


Vendors are to pay 10 percent commission per product of all vendor store items on the CWW online platform. This commission would be removed from the cost of each item on the website. For example, if the vendor’s selling price for an item is ₦3,500. An amount of ₦350 would be deducted from the amount. In that case, the vendor would be paid ₦3,150 for the sale of that item.

A transfer fee would be charged per weekly payment transfer made to vendors at the end of each month. VAT charges of  7.5% would also be applied to the commission.


Corporate World Wear offers yearly membership subscription plans for vendors. Each membership plan has features and a yearly fee attached to it. Our bronze plan is forever free and comes packed with lots of features.

We also offer vendor packages for Order fulfillment, Advertisement and Referrals on our platform.


Corporate World Wear has high operational expectations for all vendors joining the platform. All vendors are to send their goods to our warehouse for inspection before it is delivered to the customers.

  • Vendors would be notified immediately an order is made and are required to make the goods available for inspection and delivery
  • All vendors must have a physical store in order to be allowed to use ‘” online platform.
  • Vendors are required to have registered their business.
  • All items ordered must be delivered as stated, no change in specifications, size, no alterations, no reduction in quality etc.
  • Corporate World Wear has zero tolerance for fake, substandard and counterfeit products. Our values are quality, Efficiency and Style.
  • All vendors must abide by our company’s values and ethics which focuses entirely on QUALITY.
  • Vendors are required to have large quantities of items offered for sale in stock.

If the vendor does not respect the contract terms, he/she will be charged as per below structure:

  • Cancelled items: All orders cancelled before an item is shipped due to vendor error will be considered out of stock and will be charged a Fee of ₦5000
  • Late Shipment: All orders set from Pending to ready-to-ship after the required timeline of 48 hours will be charged a Late Fulfillment Fee of ₦5000
  • Returns: All items returned by the customer due to a vendor-related issue, such as incomplete item, defective product, counterfeit product, or missing item, will be charged a fee of ₦5000
  • Vendors that have continually defaulted in the above will be barred and eventually delisted from the platform.


Products offered to our customers MUST be authentic as Corporate World Wear has ZERO tolerance for the sale of fake products, including any products that have been illegally replicated, reproduced, or manufactured.

  • You will be charged ₦5,000 on first occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.
  • 20,000 Naira fine on second occurrence of detection of a listed replica or fake.
  • On the third occurrence, the vendor will be delisted and barred indefinitely from the platform.


When labelled as “Failed Delivery,” and the shipment is untouched by the customer, it will be returned untampered to the Warehouse for pick-up / delivery to your door. If our customer has opened the box it will be retrieved and sent to Corporate World Wear Warehouse where it will be tested for quality and returned to our inventory.

Vendors can only come to the warehouse to pick up returned goods if they have received an email from the CWW team to confirm. While visiting the warehouse you are required to provide your Seller ID to select returns. If you have a sales representative, that person must have a valid form of identification that matches the information given.

The confirmation email will contain the number of products processed for pick up & the scheduled date. It is your duty to ensure that the list of products given to you in the warehouse matches the list provided in the confirmation sent to you. Please notify us immediately if it does not fit the list of items collected.

When the seller has received an email confirming the shipment of goods for pick-up, the seller has 7 days to retrieve these goods or the items are deemed forfeited by the seller. In order to avoid missing essential return to the vendor, please ensure that the email information given in the Vendor Centre is up to date.


Corporate World Wear regularly offers the possibility to vendors to join open promotion campaigns, based on special prices offered to the customers. The vendor can join the promotion through Vendor Center Promotion features. Once the vendor’s offers have been reviewed and accepted by our team, the vendor has the obligation to respect his commitment, both in terms of price and stock available for the promotion.

In case the vendor would not respect his commitment, Corporate World Wear reserves the right to apply sanctions where applicable. Vendor must keep in mind that the discounts provided through the promotion feature is a discount based on the original selling price of the product.