In these conditions the following terms shall have the following meaning “The Company” means Corporate World Wear “Vendor” means any registered business that sells their products on the company’s online platform “” with the exception of the company. The present contract is established in order to set up the contractual relation between CORPORATE WORLD WEAR and, the Vendor.

CORPORATE WORLD WEAR is in the online retail sector of Corporate Wears in Nigeria, through its online retail site The Vendor is a company licensed under the Federal Republic of Nigeria laws in the manufacture, design, or selling of corporate wears to clients.

The Vendor intends to sell goods on Corporate World Wear often referred to as CWW platform and CWW agrees to allow the Vendor to use its website platform for this purpose in compliance with the terms and conditions set out below.

The Parties have therefore agreed to enter into this Agreement on the basis of the terms set out below. This agreement expressly replaces previous agreements or contracts with the vendor.

Consequently, any terms of sale which the Vendor opposes to corporate wear are invalid. This agreement shall be effective only after the Vendor has signed or placed the order through Corporate World Wear’s ‘’ online portal.

CUSTOMER SATISFACTION AS THE COMMON INTEREST OF BOTH PARTIES: By signing this contract all parties agree that customer satisfaction should be the primary interest that drives all parties in their business operations and actions.

ACCEPTATION OF CONTRACT: All vendor’s transactions on the CWW platform are limited to the approval of all provisions of this terms and conditions and to renounce the Vendor’s right to challenge any of its general sale terms.

TERMINATION OF CONTRACT: This agreement is valid as soon as it is signed by the Vendor or as soon as one order on the Seller Center is handled by the Vendor. It remains valid until terminated by either party via a one-month notice in writing.

  1. Termination of contract by the Vendor: The contract is effective for one year until one of the parties has terminated it, subject to tacit agreement. Through registered letter with receipt acknowledgment, Vendor can terminate this Contract in the form of a 30-day notice. In those 30 days, the provisions of this agreement shall also be complied with by the parties. The contract can be automatically terminated in case of non-compliance with the vendor’s agreements.
  2. Termination of contract by Corporate World Wear: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR may terminate this agreement immediately, if the Vendor is not in compliance with the operational standard considered bare minimum to provide the customer with a satisfactory buying experience on the platform.

MODIFICATION OF THE CONTRACT: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR can at any time alter the contract. In this case the company must communicate this update to the Vendor via an email and a notice in the account of the Vendor. The Vendor would then have 2 weeks to approve or express their dissatisfaction with those changes. Unless the Vendor refuses to consent within 2 weeks, it will terminate its Vendors Account in order to prevent the Vendor from working under unsettled conditions.

GOVERNING LAW:  This Agreement is governed and interpreted in accordance with the law of Nigeria.

INFORMATION AND COMMUNICATION: The Vendor will communicate to CORPORATE WORLD WEAR using emails, telephone, or mobile messaging, in the event that an account manager follows up with the Vendor. You can find up-to-date e-mails and phone contact details in the Vendors account. To help CORPORATE WORLD WEAR solve its problems operating on the platform, the Vendor agrees to faithfully share all the details needed about its business and operations. The shared knowledge needs to be as detailed and organized as possible.

The Vendor recognizes that the relationship between CORPORATE WORLD WEAR customers is regulated by the privacy policy and the terms and conditions, all of which are available on the Website.

CONTENT MANAGEMENT: The Vendor grants CORPORATE WORLD WEAR the perpetual rights to use, reproduce, alter, adapt, print, translate and create other content, as well as to distribute the content produced by the Vendor.

To uphold its reputation for quality and high level of service, CORPORATE WORLD WEAR reserves the right to de-list the Vendor and terminate the partnership with the Vendor if the Vendor receives consistently negative feedback or complaints or fails to meet our expectations.

PACKAGING: Vendor is responsible for packaging the products. We may carry out checks and audits of the Vendor’s packaging practices and may refuse to ship an order for which the packaging does not meet the Packaging Requirements. Penalties can apply in these cases.

RETURNS: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR will manage the returns of the Vendor following the General Principles Regarding Process of Returns

COUNTERFEITED PRODUCTS: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR may conduct audit and test over the products provided by the Vendor to guarantee that no products sold on “” are counterfeited products.

PAYMENTS TERMS: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR will pay the Vendor for the products sold on its online platform following the payment term Option agreed with us.

  1. Payment Calculation: The revenue collected for the Vendor by CORPORATE WORLD WEAR is based on the successful delivery of orders to the Customer. The value of returned items are withdrawn from that sum. The Vendor understands that the items shipped but not yet delivered are not included in payment at the time of payment.
  2. Documents Required for Payment: Every payment is dependent with the following documents: This contract electronically signed by both parties; the delivery receipt given to the Vendor by CORPORATE WORLD WEAR, signed and contains each item given to the company. The delivery receipt given by CORPORATE WORLD WEAR to the Vendor, signed and includes each item given to CORPORATE WORLD WEAR.


  1. Calculation of Commission: The commissions are calculated as a percentage of the full tax selling price and are invoiced full tax. The other fees are invoiced with VAT. Therefore, Corporate World Wear collects VAT over the amount of commissions and fees that it withholds according to the regulation applicable.
  2. Invoice: The Company invoices the Vendor. On this invoice may be found the commissions, fees for value added services and penalties owed by the Vendor to CORPORATE WORLD WEAR
  3. Adjustment of commissions: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR reserves the right to adjust the percentage commission, provided suitable notice of 14 days is served in advance to the Vendor. CORPORATE WORLD WEAR will duly notify the Vendor through and adequate e-mail notice of any commission changes. This does not cover adjustments that constitute a material change of the contract terms, which would require an additional agreement on the change.

SHIPPING TO CORPORATE WORLD WEAR: The Vendor holds the responsibility of maintaining its stock and supplies the product ready for distribution to the company. CORPORATE WORLD WEAR or any of the distribution service providers manage the product’s delivery to the end customer. The Vendor will be expected to deliver the ordered goods to the client on a timeline set out in our guidelines. The order has to be checked by the Vendor via the online vendor website “” The Seller thus guarantees that the product ordered by the customer is available to be shipped to and sold at CORPORATE WORLD WEAR.

The Vendor commits to retrieving items that have been processed for return within the timeline outlined in the return guidelines. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture of ownership, as stipulated. the vendor remains the owner of the goods until they are sold.

WEBSITE: CORPORATE WORLD WEAR introduce modifications in its website or in its services or suspend its services. Any item sold must be identical to its description in online platform and to the picture given. CORPORATE WORLD WEAR may inspect the products provided by the Vendor to verify that they adhere to the specifications specified by the Vendor on its online platform and to the quality standards agreed in that agreement. In the event of non-conformity with the technical features, colour, picture or technological default, CORPORATE WORLD WEAR will be able to return the product to the Vendor (and will place penalties on the vendor)

PRIVACY: All parties are obliged to handle the contents of this agreement, as well as all other information and data obtained in connection with the relationship, in a confidential manner and not to use it for purposes beyond the scope of this contract or to move it on to third parties. This obligation shall be in force for 1 year after the contract has been terminated. All parties are obliged to obey privacy laws and manage all consumer, supplier and business partner related data accordingly.

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY: The Vendor agrees to issue, defend, cover, indemnify and keep CORPORATE WORLD WEAR, its associates and their respective owners, managers, staff, agents, suppliers, customers, successors and subordinates safe from and against any and all costs (including fees for attorneys and court costs on the basis of compensation), charges, fines, penalties, injuries, judgments and liabilities arising from the vendor

The Vendor shall not have the right to use any Intellectual Property belonging to CORPORATE WORLD WEAR without prior permission in writing by the company.