Updating Store Information

Go to settings on the dashboard and click on store settings as seen below. It takes you to the store settings section. The load information suggests the sections not yet completed




Under this section, upload your store logo, select a banner type. Static image is preferable. Upload store banner, mobile banner in the required dimensions as stated on the page



Also upload store list banner and give a description of your shop in the text editor

The next section includes details of the store address and store location. Kindly input all details. Under store location find your store in the map.

If you don’t have a physical store, input your residential address instead




Your preferred payment method by default is bank transfer

Under bank details, include your account name, account number and bank name. You can decide to input your bank address if you have a specific branch you visit.

Other sections like routing number, IBAN, Swift code and IFSC code are not relevant to us at the moment, so we skip it



SEO is known as SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION. Search engine optimization is the process of optimizing web pages and their content so it is easily discovered by users searching for it. Using SEO for your store would make it easily discoverable by users

  • Your SEO title can be the name of your store or any name that informs people of your store items e.g. Adebowale clothing store can be an SEO title
  • Meta description – briefly describe your store using key words relevant to your store. Kindly include any of the following keywords in your meta description;
  • Meta Keywords: Use keywords relevant to your store

For Facebook and twitter setup, upload an image and fill in the information for title and description.

You can Input your store name and brief store description



Vendors will use general store policy except when there is a specific information related to the goods you sell and the customers’ needs to be notified about it. For example, size guide.

You can input the information in the text editor and add media where necessary



Input your store contact information here

After all data has been filled, click the submit button


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