Updating Profile Information


When you click on the user icon, It takes you to the profile manager page where you have a column for personal information, address, your social media page and additional information.


  • Upload your photo
  • Fill in your first name and last name
  • Verify your email if it hasn’t been verified
  • Fill in your phone number
  • You can change your password if you want to, else leave the box blank



In the ‘about section’ briefly tell us about yourself. There is a text editor where you can enter this information


Click on Address, it takes you to this section. You can fill in your residential address here. Kindly fill in all boxes in this section



In the social media section, input your personal social media handles or profile link. Kindly input it in this format

E.g.  www.twitter.com/twitterhandle

An example of the way you should input your social media information shown below



Under Additional information section, input all details and upload a passport photograph.

If your business is not registered, you can skip uploading business registration document

After filling all profile information from all sections, click the submit button



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