How to create a Variable product


Variable products lets you define variations of a single product where each variation may have a different SKU, price, attributes or stock level. Variable products are products with different attributes i.e. Colour, size, price that can be used to create a product variation.

Each product variation can have its own SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and stock quantity if the *manage stock* checkbox is ticked

1.Start by selecting a product type

Select variable product as seen below


2.Enter a product title for the variable product, short description for the product and a  detailed product description.


3. You can enable or disable the manage stock checkbox. If enabled, ensure you include stock quantity available at the moment for the product




4. Add product attributes

This section contains all attributes; you can select any one you wish to create a variable product with. In this training, we would be selecting Colour and Shirt size

Add relevant attributes related to the product. If you Click on the Shirt size attribute box, it would bring out different sizes. Or you can click the select all button to select all shit sizes



When you select the Colour check box, you can choose any Colour(s) to create product variations for


After selecting each attribute, ensure you check the boxes: visible on the product page and use as variation

5. Add product variations

Click on the variations section

Before you can add a variation, you need to add or select attributes on the attributes tab

Select choose options under variations bulk options

Select create variations from all attributes

The dialogue box below would come up, click ok. It would create variations from all the attributes that you selected


The product variations have been created, you can see variations from the Colour and size attributes we chose in the previous section.

Click on the expand icon for each of the variations and input price, variation image, SKU



When you click on the expand button, it brings you to this section as seen below

Input SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Input Price then Upload image

If you enabled the *manage stock* checkbox, you are required to input stock quantity.

Upload variation images for each product following the product image guidelines

Enter all variation information as seen below


6. Upload product images of the variable product in the top large image box. This would show as the main product image.

Upload other images of the product on the smaller image box. Click the + button to add more images.

7. Select product category(s) relevant to the product.

8. Select product tags

9. Fill other product sections (optional)

  • Inventory section

  • Shipping

  • SEO

  • Linked products ( Optional)

  • Product policies

10. Submit products

Click the submit for review button after entering all required product information. It would be published as seen below



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